Moto G9 Plus Exclusive Features, Release Date, Specs and Rumour Roundup

Moto g9 concepy

Moto G9 Plus is the upcoming mid-range smartphone from Motorola and the successor of G8 Plus. Motorola is expected to announce the G9 series at IFA 2020. which is going to take place in September.

The next mid-ranger from Motorola is coming with massive improvements over its predecessor and also much powerful hardware like Snapdragon 670 chipset, 6GB Ram, 4000mAh battery and so on. 

Moto G9 Plus Launch dates and Price

Previously, the Moto G8 series was announced in October 2020, and hit the shelves in late-October in select markets like India. Recently, Motorola announced the G8 mid-ranger in March, 2020 and will be available to buy in Asia, Australia, and Latin America soon. 

We expect the successor of G8 Plus will come in late-August or early-September. Motorola may unveil the next device in the G series at IFA 2020 which is going to take place from September 4th, rather than holding a separate event to launch.

The next mid-ranger from Moto should hit the shelves by the end of September, if Moto has launched it at IFA 2020. Atleast in markets like Brazil and India, the sales of Moto G9 Plus may start in late-September 2020. However, Motorola may ship G9 Plus to the US and Europe in October 2020.

If we want to know whether the G9 Plus will be bang for buck or not, we should look at the probable pricing options. According to leaks and the pricing of G8 Plus, we expect that the G9 Plus might be available to purchase for ₹15000-16000 range in India, $270-300 range in the US and €280-310 in Europe. However, the pricing may vary based on carriers and special launch offers. We will post the official pricing options here, as soon as Moto has announced them.

Moto G9 Plus Feature Roundup


Moto g9 display

The upcoming mid-range smart phone from Motorola may feature 6.5 inch LTPS IPS LCD display with 19:9 aspect ratio. The display will come with FHD+ resolution at 60Hz refresh rate which is quite enough for normal smartphone users and also drinks less battery juice compared to QHD+ resolution flagships.

Moto G9 Plus may sport a punch-hole display similar to G8 to increase screen-to-body ratio. We wish that Motorola to add a 90Hz gaming mode and also 720p resolution change setting in its display options for better gaming experience, reduce frame dropouts and also boost battery life.

Snapdragon 670 Mobile Platform

Snapdragon 670

The predecessor of G9 Plus is powered by Snapdragon 665, which is enough for low-end games and day to day activities but it struggles with graphic-demanding games and other processer intensive activities.

Snapdragon 670 features

As the Snapdragon 670 comes with significant improvements over its predecessor like Kryo 360 CPU which provide 15 percent raw-processing boost, multi-core AI engine which performs 1.8x faster and Adreno 615 GPU with turbo boost. However, the chipset contains the same X12 LTE modem like its predecessor, so there should be no imrprovement network transfer speeds and stays at 600Mbps download (max.) and 150Mbps upload (max.) speeds.

The chipset is expected to work best at day-to-day activities and upto medium-graphic gaming, however hard-core gamers may notice frame dropping and high-loading times in some graphic-intensive games.


Moto g9 camera concept

Motorola has revamped its camera layout in recent times, with the introduction of multi-lens and wide-angle camera setup. Recently, Motorola introduced G Power and G Stylus mid-rangers with 48MP, 16MP wide angle lens and a macro camera setup on the rear side and 16MP selfie shooter on the front in the hole of display. The 48MP lens combines four pixels into one which produces sharp images with 12MP resolution.

Most likely, the next mid-ranger from Moto may sport the same setup without any major modifications. We think Motorola may better the bundled Camera software to shoot improved pictures and videos with G9. More details about the Camera of G9 will be revealed in coming days.


We think that Motorola has hit the sweet spot of battery with G8 Plus powered by 4000mAh battery and there is no room for growth beyond that. So the G9 Plus will also come with the same 4000mAh battery with some refinements to improve battery life. However, this time Motorola may turn-on Quick Charge 4 feature and supply compatible charger bundled with the phone out of the box.

Android 10

Android 10

The next mid-ranger from Motorola will come with pre-installed Android 10 and may receive one more major software upgrade, i.e. Android 11 R. So, the G9 Plus users can enjoy the full Gesture interface, Dark mode, New Emoji and AI associated features like Smart Reply, Battery saver schedule features of Android 10 straight from the box.

Update on 6/3/2020 :


Yesterday, Motorola unveiled the G8 mid-ranger, finally with many interesting features. The Moto G8 device carries Snapdragon 665 chipset, 4000 mAh battery and also triple camera setup on the rear. The device sports 6.4 inch display with 720p+ resolution and runs on Android 10 out of the box.

The Moto G8 costs roughly about $280 and will be available to purchase in Brazil, Europe, Latin America and Asia regions. However, the mid-ranger device may not be available in the US.

We will update this post with more interesting news about Moto G9 Plus, in coming days.