Android 11 for Nokia 8.1 (X7) and Nokia 9 Pureview : Release dates and Features

The Nokia 9 Pureview is the last year flagship from HMD Global which was released in March 2019 with pre-installed stock Android 9 Pie. The Nokia 8.1 aka X7 is a upper mid-ranger which was launched in December, 2018 with pre-loaded Android 9 OS.

Android 11 nokia 9

Both the devices received the Android 10 update already and the next major update for these devices is Android 11.

Google released the Android 11 update officially on September 8th for Pixel series devices. The Search giant began the testing of Android 11 in February with the release of Developer Preview 1 and the first Beta came in June.

Android 11 Release Dates for Nokia 9 Pureview and Nokia 8.1 (X7)

Android 11 nokia 8.1

The Finnish tech giant hasn’t released any beta based on Android 11 yet for any smart phone of its lineup. But according to latest rumours, HMD Global may rollout the Beta of Android 11 for its flagships in early October, 2020. A roadmap of Android 11 appeared on the Nokia’s twitter timeline for a brief time only and then vanished. According to the deleted roadmap, the Nokia 8.1 and 9 Pureview devices will get the update Q4 of 2020 and Q2 of 2021 respectively. 

Android 11 roadmap nokia leaked

Previously, Nokia 8.1 is the first device from HMD Global to receive the Android 10 update. The tech giant took 36 days to rollout the update for Nokia 8.1, after the stable release of Android 10 arrived. However, the Finnish tech giant took more than 3 months to rollout the update for Nokia 9 Pureview.

So, now the rollout of Android 11 may begin in second or third weeks of October for Nokia 8.1 aka X7. But the users in some regions may have to wait until the end of November to taste the latest Android build as the rollout proceeds in a phased manner.

Nokia 9 Pureview may receive the Android 11 update in late-November or early-December atleast in some regions. The complete rollout schedule of Android 11 for these devices will be posted here, as soon as HMD Global officially announced it.

Android 11

Android 11 Exclusive Features

The Eleventh iteration of Android comes with many interesting new features and refined user experience. Let’s explore the key features of Android 11 :

Media Controls in Quick Settings

After a long time, Google refined media controls in the latest android update. The controls nested into Quick Settings panel by default in the final beta and official release of Android 11. So there will be less cluttering of notification panel on Nokia 8.1 and 9 devices. The controls got improved with the addition of slide bar to change the position of playback, playback devices and revamped volume slider.

Android 11 media controls

Normally the controls appear as a small box like in previous android version besides the Quick Setting icons but on expanding the box by swiping down, users will get full featured media player. On swiping away the player, it will be gone but the playback continue and on swiping down the Quick Settings, the player appear again. The bug may get fixed in later updates.

Android 11 screen recorder

Android 11 screen recorder

Till now, there are many third-party screen recorders for Android in Playstore, but native screen recording is completely different. Google introduced the feature in the Developer Preview 1 of Android 11 and the feature got refined in later versions and the final release.

Nokia 9 and 8.1 users can initiate screen recording on Android 11 by simply tapping on the recorder icon in Quick Settings tiles. Then few options will appear like whether the taps on the screen should be recorded or not and the source of audio from microphone or internal. The recorder can be stopped through the notification.

Bluetooth stays on in Airplane mode

Android 11 bluetooth airplane mode
In earlier android versions, turning on the Airplane mode kills off all network connections including Wi-Fi and Bluetooth. This also turns off music while listening through Wireless earpods. So Nokia 8.1 and X7 users should go into Settings or swipe down Quick Settings and re-enable Bluetooth to connect again with earpods. However, Google fixed the issue in the Android 11 update.

In Android 11, the context aware Bluetooth Airplane mode, doesn’t kill active Bluetooth A2DP connections and hearing aids when the user turns on Airplane mode. So Nokia users can enjoy uninterrupted music playback on Android 11. Some Pixel users experiencing bugs with Bluetooth playback after updating to Android 11. According to tech engineers, the issues will be gone, if the user backsup data and do a complete reset of the device.

One Time Permissions

App permissions become more complex these days. The Search giant improving privacy of users by adding more options to permissions in every major android update. The Android 11 update comes with One-Time permissions and autoreset of permissions.

Android 11 permissions

The users will be asked for specific permission like storage, camera, location while using the app only in Android 11, not before installing. Users can grant the permission one time, all time or deny completely. Android will automatically revoke permissions to the apps which haven’t been used for a long time. So malicious behaviour of some apps will be reduced and users can control things at granular level.

Background suspension of Apps to save Battery

According to XDA developers, Google brought a feature to suspend background apps to improve battery life in the second beta of Android 11. However, the feature still there in the final version, some users on Reddit confirmed the behaviour.

Google implemented a method to background suspension of apps in Android 11 : the apps in background are cached and freezed to prevent use of CPU cycles by them to save power. The only con of the feature is multi-tasking will become much slower on low and mid-range devices, since Android have to re-open the apps when the user multi-task. Fortunately, there are lots of guides to disable the background suspension behaviour on Android 11, if users wanted.

Smart Home Controls in Power Menu

Android 11 smart home controls

The latest iteration of Android comes with new additions to Power menu like Google Pay, Smart Home Controls and so on. So users can quickly access to Smart Home controls without going for separate apps to turn on/off lights and fans. The feature was introduced in DP4 of Android 11 and refined in the final release.

Users can even add new controls by tapping on the three dot icon on the top right corner of the controls screen. According to users, the feature is working flawlessly in Pixel 5, 4 devices but it is still unknown whether Nokia include this feature in its updates or not.

We will update this article soon with more details about Android 11 for Nokia 9 Pureview and Nokia 8.1.