Android 11 for LG V40 and V50 ThinQ : Rumour Roundup

Android 11 lg v50

The V50 ThinQ is a flagship smartphone from LG which was launched in February, 2019 and runs on Android 9 Pie out of the box. LG recently started the rollout of Android 10 update for V50 in select regions.

The V40 ThinQ is the predecessor of V50 and LG announced it in October, 2018. The flagship arrived with pre-installed Android 8.1 Oreo, then received Android 9 Pie and now Android 10 update is in pipeline for V40.

Android 11 lg v40

Android 11 is the upcoming major and final update for both V50 and V40 flagships, since both the devices are approaching the end of two-year cycle.

Google launched the first Developer Preview of Android 11 on February 19th, 2020 for the Pixel series flagships except the original Pixel lineup. The first preview is a very early build, but it contains many awesome new features and refinements.

When will Android 11 hit LG V40 and V50 ?

Android 11

The Search Giant planned to rollout two more developer previews and three more betas before the final release in Q3 of 2020. The fist stable Beta will arrive at I/O 2020 in May. Last year, Google rolledout the first Beta for partner devices including G8 ThinQ. This time, V50 or V60 flagships may take part in the Beta testing of Android 11.

However, as the final build is coming most likely in August, 2020, the users of V50 will receive the stable build of the next android version in November or December, 2020. The V40 ThinQ users may have to wait until Q1 of 2021 to taste the eleventh iteration of Android.

We will post the official rollout dates for V40 and V50 here, as soon as LG has announced them.

android 11 logo

Android 11 Features

The first preview of Android 11 contains many interesting features like screen recorder, scheduled dark mode, Bluetooth on Airplane mode, improved permissions and so on.

Bluetooth on Airplane Mode

In the previous android versions, Bluetooth also turns-off automatically when the user switch on the Flight mode. So active bluetooth connections with wireless pods also breaks down which is really annoying. Now in Android 11, the Search Giant fixes the issues and it is live in the first developer preview.

The new Context aware Bluetooth mode in Android 11 works in the way : the device won’t turn-off Bluetooth when any wireless audio device connected in A2DP profile or any hearing aid is connected, if the user enable Flight mode. So V40 and V50 ThinQ users can enjoy uninterrupted audio playback after upgrading to Android 11.

Native Screen recording

Android 11 screen recording

The feature previously appeared in the beta version of Android 10 but disappeared in the final beta and official release. However, the feature becomes mature and returns in Android 11. The recording UI also got revamped in DP2 of Android 11.

LG V50 and V40 Users can start the recording by tapping on the Quick Settings toggle and the recording UI will appear with an option to record through Microphone and also show taps on the screen. Users can stop the recording though the notification. More refinements may come in the upcoming beta of Android 11.

One-time Permission

Android 11 one time permission

Google refined app permissions to next level in Android 11. Previously, when any app request for permission like location only two options, whether allow or deny appears. In Android 11, a new option called as One Time only which allows the app to use permission one time only.

So when any new app requests for critical permissions like storage or Location, V40 and V50 ThinQ users can give One Time permission which is better for security.

Scoped Storage with refinements

The Android 11 comes with improved Scoped storage for apps which improves privacy of the user. The Search giant tried to implement scoped storage in Android 10, but faced some issues and fall back. Now the feature returns in the Developer Preview 1 with many refinements and it is usable.

The feature basically restricts the apps to see only part of storage for example a directory like Downloads and the directories created on their own. So there is no fear of modifying or reading of sensitive data in another directories.

Scheduled Dark mode

android 11 dark mode schedule

The Search giant introduced the dark theme with Android 10, but there is no option to schedule it natively. Many third party apps arrived to schedule it, now the stock Android arrives native scheduler for dark mode which is really useful for V40 and V50 users.

android 11 dark mode schedule

Users can go to the dark theme section in the Settings menu, and Tune-up the Schedule option, according to their needs. As this is a very early preview, the feature may get refined in upcoming releases.

Update on 9/6/2020 :

Android 11 early beta
The Search giant previously cancelled the I/O 2020 event due to many reasons and postponed the release of first beta of Android R. However, the official release date of the beta still unknown. But, the folks at XDA reported a week ago that Google released the Beta to a handful of internal testers on Pixel 4 XL and others.

XDA developers digg inside the Beta and reported some changes like Media controls in Quick Settings through Developer options, Customized Power menu with wallets, device controls, new icons shapes and so on. Still all the remaining beta testers are on DP4, so we have to wait a few days to get complete change log.

Update on 26/4/2020 :

Android 11 gesture sensitivity

The Search Giant pushed out the third developer preview of Android 11 on 23rd, April to Pixel 2, 3 and 4 series devices. The DP3 with version number RPP3.200320.017 is currently rolling out for registered Pixel series owners. The factory images and OTAs are available to download on the official website to download. Users on DP2 and DP2.1 can upgrade to DP3 through these images or wait until the OTA hits them.

Android 11 screenshot

Source : XDA

The change log includes no major changes, but Google polishes things ahead of the first Beta launch in May. The changes we have noticed till now are revamped permissions with auto revoke, customization of gesture sensitivity at edge, redesigned Recents multi-tasking and so on. We will post more changes soon as we are still digging inside the DP3.

Update on 21/3/2020 :

The Second Developer Preview of Android 11 is now live for eligible Pixel series devices. Google released the DP2 on 18th, March, as shown previously in the roadmap. The DP2 contains many bug fixes and also a handful of new features.

Android 11 developer preview 2 screen recorder

The new features in the DP2 include redesigned Screen recorder UI, Face Unlock for Pixel devices, refinements to Power menu, Wireless ADB support, Notification history, and so on. We are still digging inside the DP2 of Android 11, more changes will be posted soon.

Update on 6/3/2020 :

Android 11 dp1.1

The Search giant releases another minor update for Developer preview 1 which was released a few days ago. The update comes under the name Developer preview 1.1 and includes multiple bug fixes for serious issues. The bugs fixed in the DP 1.1 are related to location permissions, SDK, App crashing and errors.

The Pixel series owners except original Pixel can download the factory images of Android 11 DP 1.1 from the official beta testing page or wait until the OTA notifications shows up. The next release aka DP 2 is due to in March 2020, so in a few days, most likely in mid or late-March, the DP2 will land with many refinements.