Android 10 update for LG G8 and G7 ThinQ : Rumour Roundup


The G8 ThinQ is the latest flagship from LG running on Android 9 Pie out of the box. The G7 ThinQ is the predecessor of G8 and arrived in May, 2018. The G7 runs on Android 8.0 Oreo with LG UX 7 and received the Pie update recently. The next major update for both the flagships is Android 10.

Google released the Android 10 update officially on September 3rd and rolledout for Pixel series devices. Previously, the first beta of Android 10 arrived on March 21st and later five more betas came up with many refinements. Google nailed many bugs and security issues in the first beta in the subsequent previews.

Android 10 droid

When will Android 10 hit LG G7 and G8 ThinQ ?

LG announced officially in a event in its home country, that it is committed to deliver stable Android 10 update for its devices in this year only. The Android 10 Public Preview program has begun on October 15th in South Korea for the G8 flagship and expected to spread to V50 soon. However, it takes some time reach the US and European Union regions, but this time LG may release the Android 10 official build early, thanks to project treble and other refinements.

So, the final build with LG UX 9.0 may arrive in December 2019 or January 2020 for the G8 consumers in the US. However, the rollout may hit the EU counties sooner, most likely in early-December 2019. The G7 ThinQ owners have to wait a few more months to taste the tenth iteration of Android. According to tech analysts, the G7 ThinQ devices may receive the update in Q2 of 2020 soon after the rollout to G8.

Update on 12/8/2020 :

android 10 rollout lg g7 thinq.jpg

Source : Reddit

It’s been while since LG rolledout any major update for G7 ThinQ. Now the most awaited and last update for G7 is available as OTA and through LG bridge in some countries in Europe and LG’s Home country. Some G7 users reported in Reddit that they have received the stable Android 10 update through OTA.

The size of the update is 1.7 GB and seems to rollout in Canada, Belgium, Czechia, Germany and the UK. The update may hit the US and other regions in a few weeks. The South Korean tech giant started the Android 10 rollout for G7 in its home country few months ago.

Update on 25/2/2020 :


Finally, the G8 ThinQ owners on T-Mobile started receiving the Android 10 update. The rollout started a few hours ago and takes some time to showup notifications for all users. The size of the update is about 1.5GB and includes all the standard goodies of Android 10 and some bugfixes and refinements exclusive for T-Mobile consumers.

The G8 ThinQ users on AT&T are yet to receive the update in the US. Most likely, they will receive the update in early-February. According to MyLGPhones, the G8 owners in Canada also get the update notifications. The version number of the update is G820UM20d and contains January month’s Security patch.

Update on 6/2/2020 :

Android 10 unlocked g8 thinq usa

LG started the rollout of Android 10 for its unlocked G8 ThinQ devices in the US, soon after the rollout for Sprint and Verizon’s devices. The version number of the update is G820QM20a and weighs about 1.9 GB in size and carries January month’s security patch with it. As the rollout proceeds in phases, all the unlocked G8 ThinQ owners in the US will receive the update notifications in a couple of days.

Previously, LG Italy shared a roadmap about the rollout of Android 10 for its flagships. According to the roadmap, the G7 ThinQ flagship will receive the update in Q3 of 2020. However, the schedule may be limited to LG Italy only, and in other regions the rollout might begin early.

Update on 11/1/2020 :

Android 10 sprint rollout lg g8

Finally, the Android 10 rollout has begun for G8 ThinQ owners in the US. The rollout starts with Sprint owners a few hours ago, but will reach other carrier devices very soon. According to the posts in Reddit made by Sprint G8 owner, the update is of build number QKQ1.190929.002 and comes with December month’s Security patch. Those who are on sprint not received the update can check manually by going into Settings > System Updates > Check for new system update and download the update.

The update brings all the standard goodies of Android 10 to Sprint G8 owners including Dark mode, Full Gesture navigation, Smart Reply, Battery Saver Schedule and so on. We still haven’t received any info regarding bugs in the update, if you find one, share with us in the comments below.

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What’s new in Android 10 ?

The Tenth anniversary android update from Google sports some exciting features like Bubbles, Full Gesture navigation, native support for Desktop mode and 5G, Battery saver scheduler, Parental Controls and Focus mode for Digital Wellbeing and many more. Now we will roundup some key features of the Android 10 update.

Android 10 Bubbles

Android 10 bubbles

Google introduced the Picture in Picture mode and Splitscreen features in previous updates to make multi-tasking easy on Android. Now the tenth anniversary update comes with the Bubbles feature to improve multi-tasking experience. The feature works similar to Facebook’s chatheads. Users can chat using small bubble like Windows which appear on app icons when the chat is active and also simultaneously browse Web or watch a video in the remaining screen real estate.

Parental Controls and Focus mode

To promote healthy smart phone use and prevent addiction in children, Google added the Parental Controls component to Digital Wellbeing in Android 10. Using the feature, Parents can restrict their children’s screen-on time, specific app usage time and even lock some apps.

Android 10 parental controls

Focus mode is another great feature to get rid of notifications and alerts while trying to concentrate on work or watching a movie on smartphone. When the user turns-on the Focus mode a shortcut to turn-off the mode will be created on homescreen. The feature is basically a refined version of Do Not Disturb of feature of previous android versions. However, users can customize which app notifications to be blocked when the mode is on. After turning the mode off, all hidden notifications will appear.

Full gesture Navigation

In Android 10, Google much refined the navigation with the removal of navbar, so that users have to gestures only to navigate throughout Android. Users can even customize the back gesture sensitivity in Android 10.

Android 10 gesture navigation

In Full Gesture navigation option, there will be small bar like Home button only. If user decides to revert to old-style navigation, he can change in the navigation section of Settings menu. Then, the Overview and Back buttons will appear.

Smart Reply

Android 10 smart replies

It is a sort of refinement to the actions feature which was introduced with Android 9 Pie. LG G7 and G8 ThinQ users can use this feature straight after updating to Android 10. The feature works basically in this way : When a user receives a message containing address of a location, a shortcut action to launch Maps will appear below the notification, so the user navigate to that the location with just a single tap.

The feature also show customized replies in notifications which are generated using AI. So users can send quick replies by tapping on the replies appeared below the message in notifications without even launching messaging apps.

New Emoji

Android 10 new emoji

Android 10 new emoji

The Android 10 update includes new emoji collection of which 230 from Emoji 12.0 standard and another 6 are flags. Totally, the update contains 236 new emoji over its predecessor. The improvements are gender neutral emoji by default, accessibility emoji, people holding hands, mechanical arms, food emoji and various animal collection.

LG G8 users can access previous men or women variant emoji by long tapping on the gender neutral emoji in Android 10. The emoji will also be available to G7 users through the update.

Battery saver schedule

Android 10 battery saver schedule

Google introduced the Battery saver feature with the Android Lollipop update in 2014 and refined in subsequent updates. In Android 10 update, Google added scheduler feature to the battery saver. Users can set schedule options by going into Settings > Battery > Battery Saver > Tap a schedule.

LG G8 and G7 Users can choose in options of No Battery schedule, Based On Your Routine, Based on Percentage. When the user set the Based On Your Routine option, android will analyze the user’s behaviour using AI and automatically enables and disable the saver, according to user’s needs.

Desktop mode support

Android 10 desktop mode

The Tenth anniversary edition of Android comes with a unique feature called as native support for desktop mode. Till now the support for desktop mode is limited to some Samsung flagships with Dex support and a handful of other devices. LG also delivered the feature through its Android 10 rollout for V50 and G8 devices and it may also come to G7 ThinQ users.

The G7 and G8 ThinQ users can take the advantage of Desktop mode by connecting the device to a TV or monitor with USB-C to HDMI cable. Then the stock android launcher will appear on the bigger display. The custom desktop launcher designed by XDA developers are too good and with them we can use similar to a chromebook. Multi-tasking on bigger screen with multiple windows gives a whole new experience to users.

Update on 2/12/2019 :

Android 10 rollout lg g8

Finally, it seems that the South Korean tech giant begins the full rollout of Android for G8 ThinQ in its home country. A Reddit user from South Korea posted some screenshots confirming the full rollout of Android 10. However, it is still yet to be known whether the rollout spreads to other regions or not. The version number of the update is G820N20c and comes with November’s security patch.

We expect that the US G8 ThinQ users and users in European region will get the update in late-December 2019 or early-January 2020. More details will be revealed in coming days.
Update on 21/11/2019 :


LG launched a Beta program of Android 10 for G8 in last month in South Korea and now the program comes to the US. The reports from users of unlocked and Amazon models in the US say that the Beta is available to download after registration through Quick Help app. The update comes with October month’s security patch and standard Android 10 goodies.

However, carrier-locked variants isn’t a part of beta testing and will receive the stable Android 10 update once it gets finlized. LG promised that G8 ThinQ will get the stable update before the end of this year. So in a few weeks we will see the stable Android 10 rollout for G8.

We will update this post soon with more news about Android 10 for LG G7 and G8 in coming days.