Android 10 for LG V35 and V40 ThinQ : Release Date and Features

Lg v40

The V40 and V35 ThinQ are the last year flagships from LG running on Android 8 Oreo out of the box and later received the Android 9 Pie update. The next major update for these LG flagships is Android 10.

Google released the Android 10 Q update officially on September 3rd after rigorous beta testing through six betas to cut down bugs and improve user experience. The first beta of Android Q is released in March and the last Beta arrived in August 2019.

There is no codename associated with the tenth anniversary edition of Android, as Google announced that they have dropped the tradition of naming the updates with famous desserts. So the next android updates also called with version numbers only.

Android 10 lg v35

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Android 10 Release Dates for LG V35 and V40 ThinQ

LG hasn’t announced anything officially about the rollout schedule of Android 10 for V40 and V35 flagships, but recently LG announced a beta program of Android 10 for G8 in its home country. According to some leaks, V50 will also get a beta program in the next month. Obviously G7 and V40, V35 will stand next to G8 and V50 receive the update.

Previously, the rollout of Android 9 Pie update is delayed very much for V40 and V35 flagships. Both devices received the stable Pie update in Q2 of 2019 and still the rollout of Pie is progressing in some regions. However, LG is trying to get back trust of consumers by quick rollout of Android 10 to its flagships.

So we expect the beta program of Android 10 for V40 and V35 will begin in March or April 2020. The stable rollout of Android 10 may begin in late-Q2 of 2020. The official rollout dates will be posted here, as soon as LG has announced them.

Update on 27/5/2020 :


Source: Piunikaweb

Finally, the V35 flagship devices in the US started updating to Android 10. However, the rollout is in progress only for AT&T V35 devices with model no. LM-V350AWM. We hope the unlocked variants of V35 will also get the update very soon.

The build number of the update is V350AWM30c and OTA notifications hit the AT&T V35 users in phases. The update contains all the standard goodies of Android 10 and also latest security patch. Most likely the Android 10 update is the last major Android update for AT&T V35 since the device completes its life cycle.

Update on 6/2/2020 :

The Italian arm of LG shared a roadmap about the rollout of the tenth iteration of Android for its flagship devices. Based on the roadmap, the V40 ThinQ owners will get the update in Q3 of 2020 which is very long time to wait. However, the roadmap may apply only to Italian region and Europe. So in the US and South Korea the rollout or the Beta program may begin sooner than the given schedule.

There is no word about the V35 flagship, but it seems that the flagship may receive the update after V40, if it has got a place in the update list. In coming days, more details about the update for V35 will be posted here.

Android 10 lg v40

Android 10 Exclusive Features

The Tenth anniversary iteration of Android comes with many notable new features like Smart Replies, System-wide Dark mode, full Gesture navigation, Support for TLS 1.3, Focus mode and Parental controls for Digital wellbeing, New set of emojis including Gender neutral and animal emojis and so on. The update comes with September month’s security patch and fixes for many security bugs discovered recently. Now we will roundup the key features of Android 10.

Smart Replies


The Search Giant brings the smart replies feature with the update which is based on machine-learning and it can be viewed as an refinement over App actions feature of Android 9 Pie. On Android 10 OS, when the user received a message, a notification will appear showing the content of the message and also quick replies based on machine-learning underneath it. So user can give a quick reply directly from the notification without even launching the app.

The Smart replies also shows action bubbles to launch other relevent apps in response to the message. For example when the user received a message containing address to a location, then Maps action bubble will appear below the Message in the notification, so that user can navigate to that address with just a single tap. Currently the feature works with not only Google messaging apps but also all Android messaging apps like Whatsapp, Signal, Facebook and so on.

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Android 10 : New Features

Full Gesture Navigation

Android 10 gesture

Google brought the Gesture navigation feature with the Android 9 Pie update last year for LG V40 and V35 devices. Now the tenth anniversary update came with refined version of Gesture navigation and updated launcher with no navigation bar. LG rolledout the changed launcher in its update to G8 ThinQ, so we hope the feature will come to V35 and V40 ThinQ devices too.

In Android 10, users can navigate throughout system by using Gestures only without using any buttons, so screen real estate will increase. However, if any user dislikes the feature he can disable and bring back the old navigation bar by going into the Settings app. Users can even adjust the sensitivity of the Back gesture, so that interference with other gestures at the side of screen will be minimized.

Android 10 Bubbles

Android 10 bubbles

This is another way to multi-task on Android 10. Google introduced Splitscreen and Picture-in-Picture features in earlier android versions to improve multi-tasking on Android. Now with the Bubbles feature, multi-tasking is taken to next level on Android.

The feature works basically in this way : when a message arrives on any messaging app, a small bubble window will appear as an overley on the screen with the content of the message and reply box. So user can type a quick reply from there only without even launching the app. So V35 and V40 users can browse Web or watch a video in the background while replying to messages using the Bubbles feature. The feature may get enhanced further in the upcoming android updates.

Native Support for Desktop mode

Android 10 desktop mode

The Android 10 update comes with native support for desktop mode, so V40 and V35 ThinQ users can use their devices similar to desktop PCs by connecting them to monitors or TVs through a cable after updating to Android 10. Till now, only some Samsung flagships are supporing it with Samsung Dex support. Now the feature comes to V35 and V40 with the Android 10 update.

Third-party desktop launchers are necessary to use the device conveniently as a desktop on Android 10. The folks at XDA developers are already developed a desktop launcher. Using the desktop mode support, users can boost their work productivity.

System-wide Dark mode

Android 10 dark mode

The Search Giant rolledout some dark elements and automatic dark theme support in the Android 9 Pie update, but now full system-wide dark mode comes with the Android 10 update. Users can enable it by going into Settings>Display>Theme or simply enabling the battery saver.

The dark mode in Android 10 automatically turn-on the dark mode in third party apps, so users don’t have to enable them manually. If the app developer doesn’t include a dark mode, Android automatically applies dark theme colors using machine-learning.

Using dark mode not only reduce eye strain but also expected to increase battery life significantly on devices like V35 and V40 sporting OLED displays. More refinements to dark mode may come in the upcoming Android updates.

Native Support for TLS 1.3

Android 10 tls 1.3

The Tenth anniversary iteration of Android came with native support for TLS 1.3 security protocol. Major browsers like Opera, Chrome and Firefox already offer support for TLS 1.3 which was finalized in August 2018.

Because of TLS 1.3, users on Android 10 will experience 40 percent faster connections than on earlier Android Pie. In the new protocol old, outdated cryptographic algorithms have been removed and strengthened with new cryptographics. The protocol uses Zero-Round-Trip-Time feature which reduces latency considerably. However, it all depends on app developers, as they can revert back to TLS 1.2 for their apps for some reason.

Battery saver scheduler

Battery saver android 10

The tenth anniversary edition of Android features Battery saver scheduler which works automatically based on user’s habits. To set up the battery saver scheduler, users go to Settings>Battery> Battery saver>Set a Schedule and set option to Based on your routine.

After setting this option, android will analyse the usage and charging habits of user using on-device machine learning and turn-on the saver automatically. More refinements may come in future updates.

New Emojis

Android 10 new emoji

The latest android update came with many new emojis and most of the old emojis are redesigned as Gender-neutral. If a person wants gender-specific emojis like in Android 9 Pie, then long tap on the emoji. Some of exciting new animal emojis are sloth, organtuan, otter, skunk, flamingo, oyster, and guide dogs.

The elegant food emoji arrived with Android 10 include garlic, onions, waffles, falafel, butter, beverage box and Ice Cube. New accessibility emoji set include hearing aids, people in wheelchairs, sign language, mechanical arms, and many more interesting. According to Emojipedia, the update contains 236 fresh emoji and over 800 redesigned emojis. So LG V35 and V40 users can use these interesting emoji after updating to Android 10.

Update on 3/4/2020 :

LG released the Kernel source of Android 10 for V40 ThinQ, ahead of the official release. However, the Kernel source is only releated to the Korean variant of V40 with model no. LMV409, indicates the early rollout of Android 10 in Korea. So, now custom rom developers can build roms based on Android 10 for V40 based on source.

According to the earlier schedule announced by LG, the rollout of Android 10 for V40 will begin in Q3 of 2020. Since LG Korea always rollout major updates a month or two before the rest of the World gets them, we expect the rollout of Android 10 for the Korean V40 devices in mid-Q2 of 2020. If all goes well, the V40 users in Europe and the US may receive it in early Q3.

Update on 2/12/2019 :

Android 10 rollout lg g8 thinq

It has been about three months since the official release of Android 10 by Google and now LG begins the rollout for its flagships starting with G8 ThinQ. The South Korean tech giant has been running a beta program in its home country for about one month and now the stable rollout begins. A user from South Korea posted some screenshots in Reddit confirming the full rollout of Android 10.

According to tech analysts, the full rollout may spread to V35 and V40 in Q1 of 2020 and so on. 

We will update this article soon with more details about the Android 10 update for V35 and V40 ThinQ.