Android 10 for Galaxy Note 9 : Release Date and Features

Galaxy note 9

The Galaxy Note 9 is a last year flagship device from Samsung and running on Android 8.1 Oreo out of the box. The Note 9 later received the Android 9 Pie update with OneUI skin. The next major update for the Note 9 is Android 10.

The tenth iteration of Android arrived officially with many exciting new features on September 3rd. Till now, only Essential, OnePlus and LG begins the rollout for their devices. Samsung recently started the beta program of Android 10 for Galaxy S10.

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Android 10 Release Dates for Galaxy S10

The South Korean tech giant hasn’t announced any thing officially about the Android 10 rollout schedule for its flagship devices. But we expect that the tech giant will rollout the Beta to Galaxy Note 10 after S10 and then to Note 9. So Note 9 users have to wait a long time before tasting the Android 10 update with OneUI 2.

Previously, Samsung began the rollout of Android 9 Pie for Galaxy Note 9 users in January 2019 and later delivered the update for Note 8 users in February and March 2019. Carriers took nearly a month additionally to rollout for their consumers

However, this time we expect the rollout should proceed sooner, because of Project Treble and other improvements. According to leaks, Sammy is going to begin the beta program for Note 10 in November. So the Beta program for Galaxy Note 9 should begin in December 2019 and stable rollout may start in late-January 2020 for unlocked variants. Carrier locked devices may receive the update in early-February 2020. We will post the confirmed rollout dates here, as soon as Samsung announced them.

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What’s New in Android 10 ?

The tenth anniversary edition of Android arrived with many remarkable new features and refinements over the previous Pie update. Samsung has designed One UI 2.0 based on the user interface of Android 10. Some of the exclusive features of Android 10 include Bubbles, Full Gesture navigation, Smart reply, support for TLS 1.3, Focus mode and parental controls, new emoji set and so on.

Now we will dig into the key features of Android 10 update for Galaxy Note 9.

Android 10 bubbles

Android 10 Bubbles

The Bubbles is one of the key features of Android 10 which ease multi-tasking. The user can chat simultaneously while working on some thing or browsing web or watching a video in the remaining screen real estate. The feature works mostly similar to Facebook’s chat heads. The messaging apps show a small bubble like window through which the user can give replies instantaneously. So multi-tasking experience is refined in Android 10 with the Bubbles feature.

Android 10 gestures one ui 2

Full Gesture navigation

The Android 10 update brings more gestures to redefine user experience and also to remove navigation bar totally to gain more screen realestate. So users can navigate throughout Android with gestures only without any clicks or taps. However, if users find it difficult they can switch back to old navigation with Home, Back, Overview buttons by going to Settings > Navigation section. Users can adjust the back gesture sensitivity by tapping on the gear icon against the Full gesture navigation option in the section. High Back sensitivity interferes with other gestures at the edges of the screen. More customization of gesture navigation may come with future updates.

Android 10 smart reply

Android 10 Smart Reply

The Tenth anniversary edition of Android contains many AI-powered improvements and Smart reply is one of them . The feature helps to give customized quick replies without even opening the app. The feature works in this way :

When a new message arrives in the messaging app or Whatsapp, the message appears in notifications with some unique quick replies generated through machine learning. So user can send a quick reply with just a single tap without typing it. The feature also show action bubbles to launch other apps, according to the content of the message. For example when a message arrived with address to a location, a shortcut to Maps app will be displayed below the message, so that user can navigate to there with only a single tap.

Focus mode and Parental Controls

Android 10 focus mode

The Android 10 update contains some refinements to Digital wellbeing to deal with ever-growing smart phone addiction. With the Focus mode, users can temporarily block notifications, so that they can concentrate on work or watch a video without interruptions. So countless hours will be saved if the feature is used in a correct way.

Parental Controls in another new component of Digital wellbeing to reduce smartphone addiction in children. Using the feature, parents can set timers for specific app usage, Screen-on time and even lock some apps. The features may get refined further in future updates.
Update on 27/11/2019 :

Android 10 beta galaxy note 9
Samsung expanded the Beta program of Android 10 aka One UI for Galaxy Note 9 to two more counties which includes UK and India. The tech giant kicks off the first beta rollout about a week ago in South Korea and also released a hotfix for fixation of serious bug known as failing to unlock after a reboot. The hotfix comes with November month’s security patch and available to download for registered users.

The OneUI 2 Beta registrations opened for Indian Note 9 users few hours ago, according to Sammobile. So interested users should register through Samsung Members app and download the update of size about 1.9GB before diving into the tenth anniversary update of Android. The update includes all the goodies of Android 10 and also refined Night mode feature. The tech giant extended Night mode to the Selfie camera of Note 9 along with Rear camera in this beta. Please share your thoughts on the Android 10 rollout for Note 9 in the comments below.

Update on 21/11/2019 :

Android 10 one ui 2.0

Samsung opens registrations for One UI 2.0 Beta program in South Korea, few hours ago. The first beta rollout for the registered users already begins and the update file is available for the international edition of Note 9 on Reddit, so that advanced techies can flash it using ADB. The rollout program may expand to the US and EU in coming days.

According to the users installed the beta, the update is still buggy and banking apps are not working. It is expected, as this is a very early beta. The South Korean tech giant released the second Beta of One UI 2.0 for Note 10 and sixth beta for Galaxy S10, recently.

We will update this article soon with more details about Android 10 for Galaxy Note 9.